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The offshore development center (ODC) is an extension of the client’s software development facility, staffed and managed by HELIOS Technologies at HELIOS’s India facilities. HELIOS owns responsibility for the deliverables of the team – in terms of quality, timeliness and productivity.

The team is handpicked with the active involvement of the client, with skills and domain experience closely matching the client’s needs. The team is provided with the technology environment required for their work by HELIOS– including specialized computer hardware and software as well as dedicated communication facilities. The team is trained on the client’s development and testing methodologies and processes if applicable. Else, the team utilizes HELIOS’s proven software engineering and project management processes and methodologies.

The ODC is assigned work by the client, as they would assign work to their own in-house team, with all the flexibility to change priorities and concurrently start development while the software specification is underway (in case of urgent short term projects necessitated by tight deadlines). Daily and weekly reporting is done as per client demand.

The ODC gives clients all the benefit of own software development organization and yet give flexibility with regard to,

  • Scale up or down the team size at short notice
  • Change the skills composition of the team to address changing needs
  • Bring some of the engineers on-site for short duration to roll out implementation or conduct user training
  • Benefit from HELIOS’s proven software engineering methodologies to deliver projects on time and within budget

HELIOS currently successfully manages ODC for clients in Europe, Singapore and the USA.