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Application Development

Application development and maintenance (ADM) is the part of IT that works closely with the business to develop new software, keep it running, and make ongoing improvements. Within this part of IT, business analysts and software developers communicate with executives on the business side to understand their requirements for new and existing applications. In most companies, ADM teams are organized around application areas (for example, customer relationship management)rather than business functions.

Application Maintenance

Enterprises have experienced that they have to devote a significant portion of their budgets and staff for day-to-day maintenance of legacy systems.

It is an efficient and cost effective way to turn to Helios for a complete solution to your application maintenance/support needs. Our maintenance/support work for your software will be seamlessly integrated into your business workflow by the robust technical support.

Our maintenance/support services not only offer unmatched cost reduction, but also a flexible integrated approach to a variety of maintenance/support challenges, which is provided in the way of combining essential technical skills, business understanding and process acquaintance.

How we do it

Pre-maintenance plan

Before commencing maintenance/support, a general test plan is developed to define the time running the following five steps:

Project startup

In At this stage, infrastructures (e.g. hardware, environment, required software installation, and the maintenance/support team’s finalizing etc.) are set up in parallel with the following knowledge transition step after getting an initial overall understanding of the system.

Knowledge transition

It is a fundamental work for us to understand the business processes, the size and complexity of the application by studying the project information provided through multiple communication ways like conference calls, e-mail, in-person to get detailed understanding of your requirement. However, if the project is a continuously-developed one, this step can be skipped.

SLA signature

To fit the client’s requirements, it takes us plenty of time to study the Service Level Agreement (SLA) provided by the client. Or we work in conjunction with the client to draw up a SLA depending on the client’s business needs in case it is not given.

Continuous maintenance/support

This is a lasting maintenance/support phase in which the maintenance/support team is ingrained on the need of the SLA to ensure a successful project. We give quick fixes or upgrade the system with additional/new requirements.

The quick fixes process is:

  • Receive the defect report
  • Analyze the defect report
  • Determine if a quick solution is possible
  • Apply the fix
  • Record the fix measures and bugs status in web- based bug-tracking system through which the client knows real-time maintenance conditions.

The enhancement requests of maintenance/support may originate from client or from defect reports. The analysis of a reported problem may lead to new requirements which will be prioritized in discussing with client. Once a request is approved, it runs through analysis, system design, coding, unit testing, integration testing. The developers monitor the implemented changes in next few days to make sure that the application is running fine.


Ensuring a stable system in the long run, we deliver the project to client and close the bug-tracking system.

Ensure Business Continuity with Application Maintenance Services

Every business is different in its own way and so are its software application and maintenance needs. There are many alleged business intelligence companies who have hired best professionals who are experts in designing best software for the distinct needs of particular business. These companies provide application maintenance services to suit the exclusive demands. Before you design and implement a software solution for your business it is necessary to do a detailed cost-benefit analysis. Business intelligence professionals at Helios are experienced enough to create a perfect balance between cost of creating a high-efficiency software and its estimated advantages and expected financial returns.

Reflect on what we serve

You can hire services at Helios as we are a reputed business intelligence company for a high-performance custom software development. Our experts have the proficiency to make tailor-made applications suitable for unique requirements of your business. Our professionals work in cooperation with the technological experts to develop application maintenance outsourcing. These applications go a long way in improving your business performance in following steps.

  • Data Migration Services
  • Increasing Speed and Accuracy
  • Better Decision Making
  • Application Testing
  • Functionality Enhancement