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Helios’s highly interactive Visitor Management System, is an information hub when it comes to managing and recording visitor data. It can happily handle huge quantities of data and numbers of visitors.

With Helios’ s Visitor Management System handling pre-scheduled, as well as unscheduled visits, long waiting time of visitors caused antiquated by manual enroll techniques, is reduced substantially.

Schedule visitors and events in advance
If you have upcoming events lined up, the Online Visitor Registration and Verification system saves you a lot of time, as the meeting and other requisite facilities, can be pre-arranged. An automatic notification is sent to host employee.

Manage employee records, better tracking mechanism by which overstay of an employee is monitored through Duration Monitoring Mechanism and an alert is accordingly sent to host employee.

Have an easily accessible record of all your visitors.

Get comprehensive database of status of all visits for a day with updates of every user-defined time interval in Visitor Activity Dashboard.

No compromises. Helios keeps you safe!