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School Information System (SIS) is a multi-dimensional system appropriate for elementary, middle schools, and high schools in single buildings. Its flexibility allows the mass scheduling of elementary students or the complex discrete course selection of high schoolers. Teachers can take attendance in a matter of seconds as well as quickly assign grades to home work, quizzes, tests, papers, and performance-based projects. Everything is faster – data entry and retrieval. It is more accurate and efficient.

Small district, private school? No problem. Large district? SIS is powerful and scalable enough to handle any size district. Through this teachers, administrators, and staff can access the system from any computer with an intranet link. You can also allow parents to view aspects of the system, such as their wards information, the school calendar, etc.,

SIS comprises of three vital aspect:

  • It is an efficient system for gathering information
  • An user-friendly application for data entry and report generation
  • A practical process for decision making

These three elements give school personnel the capability to evaluate individual student behavior, the behaviour of groups of students, behaviors occuring in specific settings, and behaviors occuring during specific time periods of the school day. SIS reports indicate times and/or locations prone to elicit problem behaviors, and allows teachers and administrators to shape school-wide environments to maximize students’ academic growth.