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HELIOS personnel were involved in many projects regionally; from projects in India, Middle East, Iran, China, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore as well as in USA.

Our Clientele

A few of our esteemed clients who enjoy an excellent working relationship with us in developing powerful and affordable software solutions are;

Regional Information Systems – Malaysia

One of our premier clients and a channel partner for the Malaysian region. Regional Information Systems is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, headquartered in Malaysia.

The scope of the project was to facilitate Investors, Contractors and Manufacturers to register and use the search and match capability of this site at the maximum extent possible. The scope also extended to facilitate registered companies to promote their Product/Service by organizing Events. Activities like Hotel Booking, Online Registration for the Event, Reminder Mail Generation, Pre & Post Discussion Forums, Attendance Entry, Mailing etc can be easily accomplished with a mouse click.

Scalability Experts, Inc. Coppell, Texas 75019

Scalability Experts provides deep-knowledge consulting and training for Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft platform.

The scope of the project was to develop a migration process document from Oracle to SQL Server in application perspective. The scope of this document was to cover SQL. SQL includes DML, SQL, PL/SQL, and optimization techniques. A high level discussion of pieces those are common to do any migration such as SQL, PL\SQL, cursors, etc.

Simatech Shipping L.L.C – Dubai

Simatech Shipping is a pioneering feeder company in the Gulf, the Indian Sub Continent and the Far East connecting all ports in the Gulf including Umm Qasr, major gateways in the Indian sub continent such as Mumbai and Colombo, port of Far East such as Port Kelang and Chennai.

Simatech has provided its customers with unrivalled service quality. Using its own tonnage, Simatech is constantly looking at breaking into new markets and new frontiers to better serve the dynamic demands of the shipping industry .

We have handled the development, support and application Maintenance Services. Offshore Application Maintenance involves maintaining and enhancing the application running, at the client’s location from Helios offshore development centre in Chennai, India.

Ivoli India Pvt Ltd

a Malaysia-based company, which has branches in India and the US. We are supporting Ivoli in various business phases including, pre-sales, design and development.

Curans IT India Ltd

a Belgium based company with which we are sharing our resources and expertise. We are working with them for a project called IG 3, which deals with Mondrian OLAP server and Java technology.

JSS Technologies

is a Indian based company having more number of US clients, we are the project consultants for JSS technologies.

We support JSS tech from pre-sales to project execution.

We are working on a product for a courier service company for their logistics and operations. We are in analysis stage now.

Cristal Logistics Pvt. Ltd. – Associate of Citibank N.A.

The project has two modules: Inventory Management and Payroll. Inventory Management deals with the Inward Outward Entries and has the current stock in hand in control and payroll takes care of the company’s salary account to its employees. Overtime, Advances and deductions are calculated as per the laid down policies of the company. The unique feature of this system is that data can be exported to MS Excel Worksheet for easy reference.